College Trips

Published on: Jul 03 2013 by David Adcock

Educational Activities 2014-5



Year Group        Activity        Approximate Cost        Location        Date
Year 8   Interhouse Girls' Netball       Rydon    
Year 7   Interhouse Girls' Netball       Rydon    
Year 6   African Drumming Workshop   £2.00   Rydon    
Year 6   Interhouse Mixed Netball       Rydon    
All   Fireworks       Rydon    6th November
Year 8   Remembrance Tea       Rydon    12th November
Year 8   Take Over Day       Rydon    
Year 8   Interhouse Boys' Rugby       Rydon    
Years 7 & 8   Varsity Match       Twickenham    11th December
Year 8   1st Heat Rotary Cooking Competition       Rydon    
Year 7   Interhouse Boys' Rugby       Rydon    
Year 8   Interhouse Girls' Football       Rydon    
Year 7   Interhouse Girls' Football       Rydon    
Year 6   Interhouse Mixed Football       Rydon    
All   St Mary's Carol Service       Storrington    TBC
All   Non Sanctions Event - Guilford   £11   Worthing    
All   Trinity Carol Services       Storrington    
All   Christmas Lunch   £3.00   Rydon    19th December TBC
Year 7   Interhouse Boys' Football       Rydon    
Year 8   Interhouse Boys' Football       Rydon    
    Dry Ski-slope            
Year 8   Interhouse Basketball       Rydon    
    Ski Trip            
Year 7   Interhouse Basketball       Rydon    
All   House Drama Workshops       Rydon    
All   House Drama Rehearsal       Rydon    
Year 6   Interhouse Basketball       Rydon    
All   Maths Challenge       Lancing College    
Year 8   Buddhist Day       Rydon    14th April
All   House Drama Technical Rehearsal       Rydon    
Year 8   Dance Time       Worthing    
Year 8   Windlesham Rugby 7s       Windlesham School    
Year 7   Hampton Court
   £15        24th March 2015
Year 7   Brighton College Rugby 7s       Brighton College    
Year 6   Lost Cities - Enterprise       Rydon    
Years 7 & 8   Iceland Trip       Iceland   29/31March 2015
Year 7 & 8   Rydon Rugby 7s       Rydon    
    STARS Schools Table Tennis       Rydon    
All   Rewards Trip
All   Cross Country       Rydon    
All   Back-up Cross Country       Rydon    
Year 6   Multicultural Day       Rydon    
Year 8   Interhouse Rounders/Cricket       Rydon    
Year 7   Cuckmere Haven/CSI Enterprise   £8   Cuckmere Haven/Rydon  

Provisional dates 

14th and 18th May.

Year 6   Interhouse Rounders/Cricket       Rydon    
Year 8   Visit to Boulogne/Enterprise   £60.00   Boulogne/Rydon    Spring/Summer Annual 
Year 8   Clothes show Birmingham    £35        5th December
Year 6   Local Churches/Village Mapping       Storrington   11/12th June 2014
Year 6   Weald and Downland    £10   Rydon   10th and 15th June 2015
     Locality Visit            
Year 6   Maths Challenge (Heats)           24th June
All   Interhouse Dance Competition       Rydon    
Year 6   Print maker and artist Helen Brown   £5.00   Rydon   July 2015
Year 7   Interhouse Cooking       Rydon    
Year 7   Residential   £225   Windmill Hill   20th /23rd June 2014
Year 6   Residential Ferney Croft   £200    New Forest   5/8th June 2015
    Hampton Court Scarecrow Comp                     
    Sussex Schools Games            
Year 5 & 6   Induction Day           1st July 2015
Year 7   Induction - Herstmonceux   £10.00   Herstmonceux   1st July 2015
Year 8   Induction - SGS       Steyning Grammar School   2nd July 2014
    Legacy Games            20th July
Year 6   Maths Challenge Final            
Year 8   Enterprise : Solar Challenge       Rydon    
Year 8   Summer Concert           July 2015
All   Swimming Gala       Rydon    
All   Sports Day       Rydon   7th July 2015
All   Back up Sports Day/Swimming Gala       Rydon   21st July
All   Rewards Trip
          22nd July
Year 8   Dinner Dance   £6.00   Rydon   22nd July


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