Teaching Staff

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Teaching Staff




Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher.Mrs A. Murphy.BA (Hons), MA in ED, PGCE.amurphy@rydoncc.co.ukEnglish teacher.
Deputy Headteacher.Mr P. Blackmore.BA (Hons), PGCE.pblackmore@rydoncc.co.ukDirector for Learning and Standards, Premises, Learning Leader in PSHEE & Citizenship and Geography teacher.
Assistant Headteacher.Ms L. Reid.BSc (USA), PGCE.lreid@rydoncc.co.ukDirector for Pastoral Care and Well-being, Pupil Services, Transition and Maths teacher.
Assistant Headteacher.Mr N. Swann.Cert Ed.nswann@rydoncc.co.ukDirector for Assessment, Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC), Food Technology and Geography teacher.


Teaching Staff (as of September 2014).

Teaching Staff are in alphabetical order.
Mr J. Bowring.MPsy (Hons), PGCE. jbowring@rydoncc.co.uk7X Form Tutor, Computing, Design & Technology and Science teacher.
Mrs A. Christian.BSc (Hons), PGCE. achristian@rydoncc.co.uk8M Form Tutor and Maths teacher.
Mrs B. Collins.BEd(Hons) bcollins@rydoncc.co.uk6G Form Tutor, Learning Leader Computing and English Teacher.
Ms K. Guirey.BA (Hons) with QTS. kguirey@rydoncc.co.uk7A Form Tutor, Design & Technology, Drama and PE teacher, Health and Well-being Coordinator.
Mrs K. Hayward.Dip. T. Music (Scotland).khayward@rydoncc.co.uk7I Form Tutor, Drama, Music and RE teacher.
Mrs A. Husbands.BA (Hons) with QTS, MA. ahusbands@rydoncc.co.uk7D Form Tutor, Art, Design & Technology, MFL and PSHEE & Citizenship teacher.
Mr N. Irwin.BA (Hons) with QTS.nirwin@rydoncc.co.uk8C Form Tutor, Learning Leader PE, Drama teacher and School Council Coordinator.
Ms N. Le Manquais.BA (Hons), PGCE. nlemanquais@rydoncc.co.uk7I Form Tutor, Learning Leader Music.
Mrs N. Lloyd.BA (H), PGCE. nlloyd@rydoncc.co.ukMFL teacher.
Mrs H. Liley.BSc (Hons), PGCE. hliley@rydoncc.co.uk8M Form Tutor, Learning Leader Design & Technology and Art & Design teacher.
Mrs M. Martin.BSc (Hons), M.Med.Sc, PGCE.mmartin@rydoncc.co.ukSENDCo and Science teacher.
Mrs K. Mercer.BEd (Hons).kmercer@rydoncc.co.uk6J Form Tutor, Drama, English, Geography, Humanities and Maths, teacher.
Mrs K. Mills.BA (Hons), PGCE, TEFL. kmills@rydoncc.co.ukMFL and SEND teacher.
Mrs E. Modder.BA (Hons), MA in Ed, PGCE, BTEC Dip. emodder@rydoncc.co.uk6K Form Tutor, Learning Leader Art & Design, Design & Technology and PSHEE & Citizenship teacher, Professional Tutor.
Mrs S. Mohamed.BA, BSc ( Hons), PGCE. smohamed@rydoncc.co.uk8B Form Tutor, Learning Leader Mathematics.
Mr J. Howie.BA (Hons), PGCE. jhowie@rydoncc.co.uk7R Form Tutor, Learning Leader History.
Ms K. Neal.BSc (Hons), PGCE. kneal@rydoncc.co.ukMaths teacher.
Mr J. Pelley.BA (Hons), MA , PGCE, QTS. jpelley@rydoncc.co.uk8D Form Tutor RE teacher and Drama.
Mr R. Self.BA (Hons), MA, QTS. rself@rydoncc.co.uk6H Form Tutor, Learning Leader Drama and English.
Mrs S. Still.BSc (Hons), PGCE. sstill@rydoncc.co.uk8W Form Tutor, English, Maths and Science teacher.
Mrs A. Walsh.BA (Hons), PGCE. awalsh2@rydoncc.co.uk6Y Form Tutor, English teacher.
Ms R. Westrup.BA (Hons), PGCE. rwestrup@rydoncc.co.uk6Y Form Tutor, Learning Leader Geography, Humanities and PSHEE & Citizenship teacher.
Ms E. White.BA (Hons) MA, PGCE. ewhite@rydoncc.co.uk7E Form Tutor, Learning Leader MFL, Drama, English and PSHEE & Citizenship teacher, International Schools Coordinator.
Mrs J. Sturgess.BA (Hons), QTS, BSc.jsturgess@rydoncc.co.uk7E Form Tutor, MFL and FT
Mr A. Vince.avince@rydoncc.co.ukMaths and PSHEE + C

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