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In Year 6 the pupils are taught for a number of lessons by their Form Tutor and by specialist teachers for Art, DT, PE, Music, Computing, RE, French, Science and Maths. In Year 6, Maths is the only setted subject. 


In Year 7and 8 pupils are set for Maths and set separately for MFL. 


Throughout the College the curriculum is organised along secondary lines, with separately timetabled specialist lessons in each subject. The subjects are: Art and Design, Design Technology, Food Technology, Computing, English, Maths, Science, Music, Drama, PSHEE+C, RE, PE, French, German (at least one MFL language), History and Geography.


Pupils may be taught in their Form Tutor group, working groups or smaller groups for Art, Design Technology and Food Technology. Throughout the year pupils will have Enterprise Days exploring one aspect of the curriculum, such as Money sense, CSI Storrington and themed days such as Buddhism Day, Rights Respecting Day and Mocktails .


 Year 7and 8 pupils are in working groups for  Science, Geography and History.


 Please click on each icon below to see a brief outline of the curriculum for parents and guests. 


Please note: Pupils have their own area in Pupil Zone and in the section called Course Finder. In each subject area click on the subject icon and then click on the Year group. There are resources, web site links, homework assignments etc. Ask your child to take you there and show you a wealth of resources.



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Art Drama DT English Enterprise French FT Geography German Gifted & Talented
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