End of KS2 Results

Published on: Jul 03 2013 by David Adcock

Key Stage 2 Results


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Our results continue to improve.


We measure the start of a pupil's journey with us to the end of Year 8, which is the end of Key Stage 3.


Our pupils are above National levels at the end of Year 8 achieving above pupils in Year 9.


We consider we are more than English or Maths. Our Science results at all stages are outstanding.


We are proud of our achievement in all curriculum areas at Key Stage 2 and 3 and in the citizens we motivate to be the best they can be.


Each cohort is different in its makeup. We work with each child in each cohort to achieve their best. In 2011 our KS 2 results were in the top 25% of schools.


Rydon ks 2 CHARTS core with 2015


Rydon ks 2 CHARTS FOUNDATION 2015 On track section


Rydon ks 2 Outcomes 2015






“The DFE and OFSTED point out that as an Intermediate school the Performance tables are not the true reflection of the school as this is the outcome of KS 2 which is predominantly at their previous school.

Please see our Key Stage 3 Outcomes for a true reflection of the school.


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