End of KS3 Results

Published on: Jul 03 2013 by David Adcock


Key Stage 3 Results


Our results at Key Stage 3 are outstanding.


How do we know?


We take part in County moderations at Key Stage 2 and 3 and are judged to be precise consistent markers. We are judged to be accurate in our assessments and have been used by County as role models in our standards.


Furthermore, we take part in joint assessments, on line tests to ensure our accuracy.


Why are we Outstanding?


As Rydon is an intermediate school teaching Year 6s as secondary pupils and we know our pupils when entering Year 7 and 8 we can stretch and motivate our pupils to achieve their best.


Our Year 8 results are the end of the Key Stage 3. This is normally in Year 9. Therefore, our pupils achieve their levels a year ahead. Even so, we are equal to or, more often, above National and County figures at the end of Key Stage 3 in all our subject areas. That truly is outstanding.


Also, we grade our pupils in citizenship. We are again an outstanding school in this aspect.


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Key Stage Three  Charts of Subject Outcomes 2015




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