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Financial Year







Academic Year:







Payment Date


Sept 2013 to March 2014

1 October 2013


April to August 2014

30 April 2014


7/12 of funding by 29th October 2015

5/12 of funding by 29th April 2016.


  • The PE Sports Grant varies each year and is only specified for certain years.
  • For example, for the academic year 2013-14 we received £8,630.
  • The funding in 2015-16 was £8,000 plus £5 for each pupil.
  • It is indicated that this funding will continue to 2016.
  • It is up to the school how the funding is used following the DFE guidelines.
  • Money can be spent in improving areas for future pupils.
  • The PE funding grant is for all primary aged pupils, and therefore not for our older pupils. However, our older pupils may benefit from the funding by training for staff and improvement in facilities.
  • As we have Year 6 only, the last year of primary, we have extra money to support the learning of PE for Year 6.
  • As a Locality school we work with the First schools to provide competitions, coaching and training and G+T opportunities such as in Dance, cross country, netball.
  • From 2013-14 the use of funding was a joint agreement between the schools to benefit all primary pupils in the area.
  • The funding releases PE qualified staff to lead, organise and run these activities making sure we have primary aged pupils receiving PE instruction and competitions with secondary trained PE teachers, working alongside qualified coaches.  
  • The interschool competitions for the First schools and our Year 6, have been extensive and the positive effect on enjoyment and competing has increased. It has given small schools the opportunity to compete on an even footing. The desire of all Heads and Governors in the locality to produce at least one Olympian shows the raising of the ambition in the local schools. This continues to be a priority in 2015-6.
  • At Rydon each Year 6 pupil has two hours of PE per week with trained PE teachers and they are introduced to a range of sports e.g. rugby, football, basketball, table tennis, athletics, cricket, orienteering, netball, rounders, swimming, cross country, gym, dance and aerobics to name but a few!
  • In after College hours there have been many clubs offered to the pupils; some of which have had huge success. These clubs are not compulsory and compete with other extra-curricular activities.
  • The College has always had a vibrant PE club take up. Our club numbers in 2013-15 have been positive. For instance, 21 boys regularly attending rugby club and 43 boys regularly attending football club. The girls’ clubs have also been well attended with 9 girls regularly attending gym club; one of whom represented the school at the Area Competition.  One girl takes part in rugby club and 12 girls regularly attend football club and they are representing the College in the local schools’ competition. The College has more boys than girls and this is reflected in the clubs’ attendance figures.
  • In Autumn 2015 we had a Fresher’s Fair and the uptake of all clubs in all areas including PE has increased.  All clubs doubled in number.
  • In the area there are a number of local clubs offering a range of sport such as rugby, football, netball and golf. These clubs are particularly active and our pupils show strong allegiance to the training demands.
  • During the academic year 2013 -14 we funded for coaches for the First schools of £2,758 and coaches for the Year 6 £1,532.
  • Specifically for Year 6 lessons we have purchased equipment for Gym and team games £541.27 and provided Dance coaching and activities which we have funded through our school expenditure, supported by the Grant.
  • All our Year 6 pupils participated in a Healthy day of Keep Fit and Healthy exercise provided by Kidz Fit at £288.00 in 2014.
  • Kidz Fit had a very positive influence on the Year 6 pupils. During lessons the PE teachers were able to refer back to the key points that were made during the day. The sessions raised the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the importance of staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.  The pupils also completed some follow up work in tutor activities to reinforce the values and ethics of the day. The staff used ideas from this to incorporate into their teaching from 2014 onwards.
  • In the Summer of 2013, funded through the school budget share,  all Year 6 have taken part in the Legacy Games, inspired by the Olympics, and this we have continued annually,  funded through the  PE grant.
  • In 2014-5 we jointly appointed, with First schools in Ashington, West Chiltington, Storrington and Washington, a PE Locality worker to work in the First schools and with our Year 6 at Rydon. We contributed towards the salary of 0.55FTE to be a part of this partnership (locality) working. The locality worker provided specific clubs for our Year 6 pupils.
  • The impact for the First schools was good, new skills etc and for us specific clubs but this could not be sustained as the initial benefit of training for First School staff was achieved.
  • In 2014-5 we used the funding to introduce dance schemes and training for Year 6 and the College subsidised for further work with our Year 7 and 8. This has meant new schemes and up to date routines, introduction of hip hop and unified dance routines for all pupils. In the lessons in 2015, and continued into 2016, the teacher training in this area has provided better risk taking in areas such as hip hop.
  • From 2015 our intention is to use the funding carefully providing specific coaching activities for Year 6 in after College activities and in College hours. We wish to be able to use the funding up to July 2017 as it is indicated money as money will end in 2016. The College finances two full time PE teachers so the Sports Funding can be used in other ways.
  • In 2015-6 we purchased specifics for the swimming lessons on our onsite pool to further their skills and confidence as seen in their outcome grades. Early morning swim club started and on June 18th, 2016 our Year 6 Swim Team are the National Champions.
  • In 2015-6 there our clubs in Dance, netball, football, rugby, gym and swimming. We endeavour to widen these clubs introducing golf. Equipment possibly but transportation and coaching will be funded.
  • As we are an Intermediate (Middle deemed secondary) we skill level all our Year 6 pupils in all subjects including PE.  Each cohort of pupils is different but we aim to keep improving on our progress of pupils. We assess pupils’ ability at the start of Year 6. We assess their fitness through the bleep test and each pupil aims to improve their fitness level each year whilst with us.
  • In 2015 95% were achieving a 3A + in PE with 63% at 4C+. In 2016 we are aiming for an improvement of 10% in the higher outcomes, as a result of their work in the First Schools Locality PE teacher and then continued with us.
  • In 2015-6 we have provided a number of sporting opportunities on top of our competitions, inter-house, clubs and in school coaching. As we wish value for money we have provided these activities for all years including the Year 6s.  For instance,  we have provided:
  • Football coaching by Crawley Town Football Club for the girls in all years.
  • Football coaching for boys in all years coached by James Adams.
  • Equipment for table tennis.
  • Introduced a specific netball club for Year 6s.
  • Our next steps are:
  1. to review the timing of sporting activities.
  2. discover what skills the pupils would like to further develop and provide the clubs as indicated in surveys and Fresher’s Fair.
  3. discover how to introduce different games and sporting opportunities.
  4. to explore a keep fit, healthy club group.
  5. to improve facilities eg playground equipment for the current and future pupils.
  6. to increase/maintain pupil participation in sporting activities.
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