Published on: Jul 03 2013 by David Adcock

In Spring 2013 Governors surveyed all parents at each year's consultation event. The Headteacher collated these. The Governors and SLT have responded to the findings making clearer sporting activities, informing parents about our work in Drama and Chichester Festival Theatre and the Summer production. Parents have been informed of outcomes in the newsletters.


The survey reflects how highly Rydon is viewed by parents.


The survey showed the following results:




        Rydon       National
High Standards   92%   78%
Happy at School    95%   85%
Safe and secure   98%   87%
Recognise good work and good behaviour   95%   85%
High Standards in Behaviour   93%   74%
Transition: Happy with the processes and outcomes   96%    
Good reputation in the Community   95%   87%
Pupils well cared for in the College   98%   96%
Opportunities for after school and lunchtime activities   80%   69%
Good range of subjects   97%   94%
Ample opportunities for Sports   83%   80%
Ample opportunities for Music and Drama   75%   76%
Enough Information about the College   95%   85%


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