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I hope you will explore our website and visit us to find out why Rydon is unique and a special learning environment for the pupil in our care.


All our visitors find Rydon to be an enthusiastic learning environment. We never stop striving to improve so that we can provide the best. We welcome you to come and see us in action. We are the best secret in Sussex.....come and see for yourselves.......


The first thing I always want to know about a school is what makes it tick. Therefore, to understand about us you need to know our Vision and Ethos and how this relates to us being a Rights Respecting school, concentrating on an excellent education in Year 6, 7 and 8 in where we develop the enterprising skills pupils will need for the years' ahead.  As an educator  I do not know what our pupils will face; I can only imagine the digital and global world they will working in and I am determined to ensure all my pupils will have the skills and enthusiasm to go forth in the world.


For more details on our specialisms please look at Curriculum and click on the Enterprise link.


If you wish to visit us or ask any questions I will happy to help.


Always working for the pupils in my care and the ones yet to join us,


Allison Murphy,




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